Professional software engineering
Applied software & web engineering services.

Professional web development services in front/back-end as well as applications for smartphones or desktop systems.

Application Development

Development and creation of control or automation applications in several different executable languages and forms.

Smartphone Development

Work in progress.

Available Soon

Web Development

Creation, modification and other services regarding websites and web development in general on both back-end and front-end.

Web & Application Design

Professional layout, interface, application and web design services using standardized design software.

My services in creation and evaluation of concepts.

Assistance and services in concept creation of software products and their future development.


Creation, development and maintenance of concepts. Insight and expertise on technical questions, creativity and future steps.


Assistance on platform choices and engineering environments. Support in monetization questions and data analytics.


Management of technical and human resources. The acquirement and utilization of both according to realistic requirements.


Supply of practical and theoretical expertise in both engineering and design of software projects. Realize your projects at full technical potential.

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Contact information and availability.

Don't feel shy! Get in touch and we will find out how I can assist your project or business.

About Myself

Most of my friends call me Kevin, i am 25. I've worked with several different frameworks, languages and programming systems since around the age of 12.

In my recent years i have been heavily invested in freelance projects and making business contacts. Currently my interests and preferences are shifting towards general front and back end website development. If you are interested in a presentation of my references or previous work, feel free to contact me.

Business First Contact

Please share the details about your project, business inquiry or interest within your first E-mail or Discord/Twitter message. Answers can be expected within standard business time but not exclusively.

Business Hours

Standard business time is between 7am and 5pm.
My current local time is Monday 03:26, Denmark (CEST).

My company or personal details are to be requested via business contact.